Dr Bardadyn Weight Loss Clinic Franchise obtain numerous benefits for cooperating hotels and gyms:


  • Large increase in the number of clients interested in losing weight  

  • Significant increase in the sale of stay packages, gym tickets and spa treatments  

  • Guests stay longer in your hotel - usually 1-2 weeks or more

  • More systematic and long-lasting exercises in the gym and fitness center

  • Losing weight up to 0,5 kilo a day provides you with the recognition and gratitude of customers  

  • More frequent returns are typical, guests often come back with new weight loss packages participants

  • Finally large increase in revenues without employing additional staff    

  • You will offer extremely effective, proven in HORECA business and safe weight loss programs certified by Dr Bardadyn Weight Loss Clinic


Dr Bardadyn Diet




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List of Dr Bardadyn Diet Programs according to the number of stay packages sold by cooperating hotels:


  • 1200 Calorie Detox & Weight Loss Diet

  • 800 Calorie Quick Weight Loss Diet

  • 1500 Calorie Rejuvenating Diet

  • 2000 Calorie Muscle Gain Diet

  • 1500 Calorie Diabetic Diet

  • 1200 Calorie Gluten Free Diet

Dr Bardadyn Weight Loss Clinic Franchise rules:


  • Before starting the diet we do an online medical consultation for the clients of our franchisees to create for everyone customised weight loss program

  • We provide complete know-how with detailed professional diet menus for hotel restaurant with cooking instructions and the Certificate issued for your hotel by Dr Bardadyn Weight Loss Clinic

  • In the case of gyms and wellness centres, recommended by us exercises program on slimming devices take place on site and diet plans are sent to your client for use at home

  • We offer planning and comprehensive equipment for weight loss and fitness zones of spa and gym using high class advanced automated slimming devices programmed for diets

  • Easy conducting of exercises on programmed slimming devices operated by your staff according to exercise plans received for all clients  

Highlights of Dr Bardadyn Weight Loss Clinic Programs:


  • Easy planning, shopping and preparation of personalized diets even for very many guests at the same time thanks to our proven organization system based on over 10 years of experience

  • Our diet plans are fully according to the medical knowledge and recommendations of science of human nutrition in force in the European Union and the USA  

  • Fresh made natural Dr. Bardadyn weight loss smoothies for faster fat burning are our trademark

  • Easy routine authorial ten minutes exercises program for strengthening the body and boosting metabolism

  • Fast improvement of medical test results - reduction of LDL 'bad' cholesterol level, increase in HDL 'good' cholesterol, normalization of blood glucose level

  • Permanent change of lifestyle and food choices model is common that can be easily followed for lifelong weight control

  • Successfully used in renowned hotels and spa centres worldwide


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Our experts analyze the medical form completed by your client and soon you will receive personalized program to lose weight fast and safe.


Unique slimming equipment to burn calories faster with a lot of training adjustment options. Your staff just starts the devices following our recommendations.



Perfectly balanced, proven diet plans for hotel restaurants to serve a diet food on spot and for gym customers to use at home. From 800 to 2000 calorie a day.


The power of natural plant extracts accelerating calorie burning, body cleansing, reducing stress and improving well-being.



Develop your own slimming business

as a partner of Dr Bardadyn Weight Loss Clinic.


We provide for our franchisees:


  1. A unique company link to the Clinic's medical consultation platform that you will be able to share with your clients

  2. A set of slimming devices programmed by Dr Bardadyn Clinic that we deliver worldwide within 6-8 weeks based on an individual agreed project. We will design your slimming zone in a spa hotel, gym, slimming clinic, beauty salon, wellness center and fitness club free of charge to create a list of suitable slimming devices. 

  3. In the option with weight loss supplements, delivery of fat burning and accelerating metabolism natural products on special terms offered to our franchisees.

  4. Training and consulting on site during the introduction of the franchise on the franchisee's request.

Dr Bardadyn Weight Loss Clinic Franchise for spa hotels, gyms, fitness and wellness centres



Dr Bardadyn Diet




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Offer your clients personalized Medical Weight Loss Programs!

How that works?


We do online medical consultations for your clients and send you customized weight loss programs that contain:


  1. Selected weight loss diet plan menu with specified calorie intake for each of your customers. The diets can be served in hotel restaurant or used at home.

  2. Personalized detailed exercise program on unique slimming devices of Dr Bardadyn Weight Loss Clinic which we have programmed for diets and individual needs of patients. Exercises take place always at franchisee’s facilities equipped with our slimming devices.

  3. Optionally, if available in your country, we deliver also sets of excellent quality natural weight loss supplements along with individual dosage instruction for each of your clients.



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