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Dr Bardadyn Clinic is a brand name of the Dr. Bardadyn medical entity operating at www.healthydiet.clinic in the field of providing online medical consultations for medical care, prevention, maintenance, rescue, restoration and improvement of health and the supply of goods and services related to these services.


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Dr Bardadyn Diet Clinic regulations


Preliminary information


  • Dr. Bardadyn reserves the right to change the prices of medical consultations without prior notice to users. This does not apply to consultations already ordered.

  • All advice is based on current medical and nutritional guidelines.

  • All consultation prices are gross prices. The price for consultations, binding at the time of sending the customer's consultation form, is binding on the parties to the transaction.

  • Dr. Bardadyn reserves the right to change the prices of medical consultations without prior notice to users. This does not apply to consultations already ordered.

  • The information on the website of Dr Bardadyn Diet Clinic does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. By placing an order using the mechanisms available on the Websites, the customer submits the offer of a specific consignment under the terms given in its description. The moment of concluding the consultation contract takes place when it is paid for.

  • The Regulations define the rules for ordering consultations. Placing a consultation order is tantamount to consent to all provisions and information contained in the regulations.

  • Dr Bardadyn reserves the right to change the Regulations. The User will be informed about changes to the terms and conditions by publishing by Dr Bardadyn on the main page of the Website a change of the Regulations containing a list of amendments to the Regulations and maintaining this information on the main page of the Website for a period of at least 14 consecutive calendar days.



Delivery and payment forms


Medical consultation is sent to the customer by e-mail containing the necessary content and attachments to the e-mail address provided in the ordering consultation form.



The following forms of payment are available


  • PayPal - after placing an order you will be redirected to the PayPal website, where you can log in to your PayPal account and make a payment. Your credit card and bank account details are secure with PayPal and are not transferred to the Website. The payment is collected after authorization of the PayPal transaction. You can find more information about this payment method here: http://www.paypal.com/.

  • Bank Transfer - you pay the fee for consultation and Diet Plan to following bank account:


Data for bank transfer:

Dr Bardadyn

BZ WBK PL 92 1090 1056 0000 0001 0826 4163


In the transfer title please enter your name.



Delivery time


The approximate duration of the order (in working days) is 24 hours. This is the time needed to complete information and nutrition plans for medical consultation and carry out the sending. If the execution time would be longer than indicated on our pages, we contact the customer to confirm the consultation and agree on the deadline. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the above deadline is extended by the time of posting the transfer.


Terms of use of the contents of the medical consultation of Dr Bardadyn Clinic:


The owner of the copyright for all contents of the consultation is Dr Bardadyn. Diet plans Dr Bardadyn are intended for individual use in the home. You may not use them for commercial purposes, copy them, make them available to third parties and make them public in whole or in part in any form.


The information presented on this website is for educational purposes only. The content of the site is not intended to replace a personal visit to a doctor, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the information on this site, consult your doctor before taking or refraining from any health care activities. If you are pregnant, contact your doctor before introducing any changes to your nourishment.


Complaints and Returns


The customer has the right to lodge a complaint in case of damage of the file containing the sent Diet Plan. In this case, within two business days, Dr Bardadyn will resend the required file to the customer's email address.


The customer is not entitled to the reimbursement of medical consultation and the accompanying diet plan.



Personal data protection and privacy policy


Dr. Bardadyn declares that without the customer's consent he does not give any information about him to third parties. We strive to secure your personal data from unauthorized access. Each customer has the right to inspect their data, correct them and request to stop processing. In the event of a request to cease the processing of personal data, they are removed from the Dr Bardadyn database.

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